Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I was so tired this morning i did the unthinkable.....I shut the alarm off. All I need was 10 more minutes to sleep, yeah I woke up an hour later...jumped out of bed, got the boys dressed, feed them and out the door we went...I was still trying to open my eyes as I was driving them to school.
The only thing on my mind was coffee, so when I got back from driving the kids to school I woke up hubby and told him I was going to Tim Hortons..."Wait a bit and we will come with you" he says. I can't wait i need coffee now!!!!

So i finally got my coffee, and it didn't work! All I wanted to do was wake up a bit, that never happened i was exhausted all day..Accomplished nothing!

That's why I'm going to bed now!!!! Night Night

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