Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I am so sick of hockey being on my TV every night...My husband is a total fanatic, its almost sickening...I can understand him wanting to watch his favorite team when they are playing but to watch a game every night is a little much!! I never get to watch anything. ( it sucks) When you walk into the kids playroom-dining room all you see is hockey paraphernalia. That's all he got for x-mas Toronto stuff, toothbrush, socks, license plate, right down to dinky cars....I just can't wait for the season to end!!!

When does it???

Don't get me wrong i LOVE the leafs!!!! just need a break from them!!! lol


Carrie Smith said...

Sounds like us and NASCAR....only we watch it on weekends only! thank God lol

Tammy said...

Aurora wants me to tell you to tell Dwight "Montreal Canadians RULE"! LOL!!!