Sunday, March 30, 2008

It's been a long time!!!

Omg I can't wait to feel better..The kids are finally feeling a little better now thank god! No sleep for me for 4 days(antibiotics are great) Tristan is going back to school tomorrow he hasn't been there in 12 days....oh i can't wait for so me time from 7:40 till excited. Other than taking care of sick kids and then getting sick myself there is absolutely nothing new that i can write about !!! So I shall write more tomorrow!!!


Carrie Smith said...

Welcome back and I am glad that everyone is feeling better and getting back to school. I will check in tomorrow

take care

jenn said...

I'm glad everyone is feeling better!

Tammy said...

It sucks when my little nephews and niece are sick. I hope they are feeling better soon and yeah you too dork! Love Ya!