Monday, March 10, 2008

I love babies!!!!

My kitty is going to have babies any day now!!! I'm so excited, I love little baby animals. It doesn't seem to matter what kind of animal it is as long as its a baby i love it. Here's a little sad story for ya's..
Once upon a time this girl named Brandi was at her aunt Tammy's house helping her move her big garbage box at the end of her driveway when all of a sudden rat's were running everywhere.
Tammy took off running to the shed to get a pitchfork and started killing them...Brandi was yelling at her to stop as she was helping them escape buy throwing them across the road so they could get away!!! Only the baby ones!!! I had to give them a shot at life. I mean Brandi had to.

So what I'm trying to say is i have a weakness for animals, all animals big or small. I think I've had almost every kind of animal that could be a pet...I had a baby goat that i bottle fed, Billy was so cute! A Bal Python, he was 5 feet long, 2 Rats, hamsters, g pig, birds, fish, cats and dogs.... There are more but I'm not gonna list all the things that i collected when i was a kid..tadpoles, mice know the usual stuff kids play with. lol

Can you tell I live in the country?


Carrie Smith said...

I also have a love for baby animals. Well most of them them...
But the love stops there, there is nothing cuter then a baby animal but they do grow up and aren't as cute...unlike our children who seem to get cuter as they get older and we fall more and more in love with them everyday.

take care

Tammy said...

Brandi they were RATS are still RATS!!! I can't believe you posted this you goof! Thank god I love you. :o)

Misty Dawn said...

I'm a HUGE MAJOR BIG lover of animals too. However, I have to agree with Tam on this... they were RATS!

jenn said...

Hubby and I were in our side building, looking in boxes we had stored in there. One box had a mouse, and it didn't run away, because it was nursing babies. Hubby insisted on killing them all, and I cried. BUT, I don't care if he kills the adult mice. Go figure!

My cat zoe is due in a few weeks. She usually has 3-4 babies. When she has 4, she loses some of them, so I'm hoping there's only 3 in there!