Thursday, March 6, 2008

Princess Kenzie!!!!

My daughter thinks she's a REAL princess...I went today a bought the supplies for her birthday on the 15th, the cake that she wants is $50.00.(can you imagine) So didn't i get the bright idea to make the same cake for cheaper...yeah right, the pan that i had to buy was $30.00,then i had to buy a Barbie to put in it..$10.00.Plus icing, food coloring...ect..what I'm trying to say is it would have been cheaper to buy the cake!!!!

I'm pretty excited for the's a Royal Ball...the girls have to dress up as princesses and the boys's gonna be so cute seeing all the little kiddies all dressed up..I bought a 3 tier fountain to put punch in and got little plastic wine glasses...oh I'm so excited. I wish i had birthday parties like that when i was a kid..

Oh and i can't forget to thank Tammy...she's making the cake for me..THANKS Tam!!!!


Misty Dawn said...

Man... will you plan my next birthday party??? Your parties sound awesome! Oh wait - I forgot - I don't have parties... oh well.

Tammy said...

No prob..anything for Kenzie! :o)